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Chocolate Labrador Puppies For Sale

Our Chocolate Lab Puppies for sale in Michigan 

Widely regarded as one of the best, family-friendly dog breeds, chocolate Labrador Retrievers are highly in demand as pets. When you’re interested in chocolate Labrador puppies in Michigan, come to Rozey K9 Farm. As some of the most established chocolate Lab breeders in Michigan, we’re proud to offer AKC-quality chocolate Lab puppies in Michigan that are specially bred for health, gentle temperament and companionability. 



Fabulous English Chocolate Lab puppies for sale.  These puppies will have awesome big blocky, stocky Labrador Retrievers.

Puppies are priced at $1550 plus Michigan Sales Tax with limited AKC and a spay/ neuter contract. 

Chocolate English Labrador Puppies.

Deposit List for upcoming litter of Chocolate Lab Puppies--Next litter expected 2024. (SUMMER).

Sex preferences are listed but, these could change depending on what is born.  Picks are made in the order of deposits received.

1.  Tara--chocolate male

2.  Stephen-- chocolate male

3.  Noah--Chocolate female--fall of 2024

4.  James--Chocolate male

5.  Cassandra J.--Chocolate female

6.  Donna--male or female


To place a deposit to hold or purchase puppy click the button below.  


Our puppy Price is for limited registration.  Deposits are non-refundable.

All prices are however for Limited AKC Registration/Spay and Neuter Contract (pet price, does not include breeding and show rights).  Full AKC Registration (breeding and show rights) contact us for an additional fee.



To place a deposit to hold or purchase puppy click the button below.  

                               The Right Fit for Our Chocolate Labrador Puppies in Michigan

Labs are the most popular dog breed in the nation. Regardless of the size of your home or your age or family size, Labs will share their love. Generally speaking, though, the best homes for our chocolate Labs for sale in Michigan are those where they can get consistent attention, plenty of tender loving care, toys to chew and lots of spoiling. This can include homes with children to the elderly.  Chocolate English Labradors are known to be very calm, and more laid back.  They are a well- rounded dog. 

Labrador retrievers have many different traits that make them a wonderful addition to your family.  There are just a few reasons of why we love the Labrador breed and you will too.

  1. Labrador Retrievers are intelligent and highly trainable.  They are eager-to-please dogs that aim to satisfy their owners likings.  Labs are loyal to their owners and understand your cues. They are smart and up to any challenge or training level (with good treats in hand). 

  2. Labradors also love children.  They are affectionate, patient and love spending time with the older members of the family down to the smallest members.  They also love to play fetch which is a game for all ages from the human world to the dog world.

  3. Labs typically live long and healthy lives.  With a proper diet and regular exercise routine, they can remain a part of your family for a very long time. 

  4.  Labradors to not need expensive grooming.  Due to their short coats they do not require long hours of grooming weekly and they only require and occasional bath.

  5. Labradors have adventurous and playful personalities.  They usually welcome new people into a home and often want to be the first to greet them.  Labrador retrievers are always ready for adventure, whether that’s a hike in the mountains or a trip to the beach. They will spend time outside at the park or in your neighborhood. They love going for walks, swimming or even just curling up on the couch with you.  And they also make excellent hunting companions. They love spending any time with their family members. 

  6. Labs have gentle mouths.  They can be taught to not play rough.  Labradors were bred to retrieve downed prey such as duck, grouse rabbit etc.  The labs have incredible control of their jaw muscles and can be taught to play (or retrieve) with a gentle mouth and not bite down. 

  7.   Labs are not picky eaters.  Labs famously have big appetites and love to eat!!  You won’t have to struggle to find them a food they will enjoy.  A lab owner however, does have to watch their weight as they can be prone to add the pounds quickly.  With a proper diet and exercise routine your lab will live a long and healthy life though. 

  8. Labrador retrievers are adorable.

      According to AKC, the labs otter tail, dense weather-resistant coat and friendly   

      expression all contribute to its highly adorable appearance.  No one can resist their           

      kissable faces. 

 Features of the Chocolate Lab Breed

There are plentiful benefits that make the chocolate Lab special. These dogs are active, loving companions known for their friendly and loyal temperaments. They show great affection to their owners, are smart and highly trainable. They also welcome visitors eagerly. If you’re looking for an animal that will be playful, fun and a kind of accountability to keep you active, this breed is a great option.

Why Buy From Rozey K9 Farm?

When you’re ready to welcome your chocolate Lab into your home, Rozey K9 Farm is the place to find one. We specialize in providing chocolate Labrador Retrievers in Michigan that could make great household pets. We’ve been breeding AKC standard dogs from parents with rich bloodlines for more than 13 years. This process includes extensive health testing to help ensure quality. Today, count on us for puppies that are well-rounded, comfortable with a family environment and ready to adapt to your home. All of our dogs are up to the highest standards — from conception to the day they join your home.

Contact us today to hold a puppy or get on our deposit list for future picks!

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