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Moyen Poodle Puppies


Top-notch, fabulous, AKC brown and black Moyen poodle puppies for sale. Rozey's K9 Farm specializes in moyen puppies for sale.  A Moyen is still a standard poodle but just smaller.  The new litters will consist of brown, black and cream moyen poodle puppies for sale in Michigan. Whether you’re looking for the ideal family pet, a loyal companion for yourself or a great couch buddy, you’ll fall in love with one of these smaller poodle pups (ranging in weight to 20-35 lbs depending on male/ female and parents).  We are taking deposits now for these moyen poodle puppies.      

 We are taking deposits now for available puppies and upcoming litters.  These puppies have awesome curly coats that are hypoallergenic and shed free.

Upcoming puppies are priced at $1550.  Current puppies are priced below.  Limited AKC. Full AKC is available for an additional cost. 


Our puppy Price is for limited registration(non breeding rights).  Deposit are non-refundable.

All prices are however for Limited AKC Registration/Spay and Neuter Contract (pet price, does not include breeding and show rights).  Full AKC Registration (breeding and show rights) contact us for an additional fee.




Medium size Poodles born 1-27-24

He is ready to go home now.  

These puppies we predict will be between 15-17 inches tall to the shoulders and 20-25 lbs. 

                      Deposit List
           For Litter--Born 1-27-24





Red Collar Boy

Parents:  Juliet and Rusty

DOB:  1-27-24

Sex: male

Color:  Black

Price:  $1350


Miniature Poodles born 11-28-23

Puppies are ready to go home now.

                                   Deposit List
               For Miniature Litters born 11-28-23



Will be around 17 inches tall to the shoulder and 20 lbs. 

Yellow Collar Boy

DOB:  11-28-23

Sex: male

Color:  Black 

Parents: Fiona and Rusty

Price:  $1350


To place a deposit to hold or purchase puppy click the button below.  

What is a Moyen Poodle?

The term Moyen Poodles, also called klein poodles, are a medium size poodle that fits between miniature and standard poodles.   The Moyen Poodle is a forth size of the Poodle breed It is not as small as the Miniature Poodle, but is not as tall as the Standard Poodle.

In the US Poodles are categorized into 3 sizes thoughaccording to AKC (American Kennel Club):

  1. The toy Poodle (under 10 inches)

  2. The miniature Poodle (10-15 inches)

  3. The standard Poodle (over 15 inches). 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the Moyen as a distinct size (they classify them as a Standard); but the International Poodle Standard (FCI) recognize the Moyen as a size in between the Miniature and the Standard poodle.

Moyen Poodle Temperament

Myen/Klein poodles make excellent family dogs, including families with young children.  They are small enough to curl up and cuddle on your lap but large and sturdy enough to enjoy outdoor adventures such as walking, hiking, running, and swimming.  They also enjoy lounging  around the house and just being an intimate part of your family.  Their smaller size makes them an excellent choice for apartment living and  recreational vehicle camping.  They are wonderful  companions that don’t take up a lot of room in the home or car.  

Their intelligence is the same as a standard poodle and even their smaller size is perfect for being excellent service dog candidates for people that do not require assistance from a larger breed dog.  They are also excellent therapy dogs for hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes and schools.  

Why Buy your Moyen standard poodle pup for sale in Michigan from Rozey K9 Farm

When you’re interested and looking for Moyen poodles in Michigan, our small family farm is proud to be your best resource. We are the Moyen poodle breeders in Michigan located in Western Michigan and close to the Great Lakes.  We have more than 14 years of breeding experience, working with clients in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,Wisconsin and all parts of the United States. All our Moyen poodle puppies come from champion lines and go through extensive health testing to make sure our clients get puppies with premium pedigrees. At our farm in West Michigan, our Moyen poodle puppies for sale in Michigan are born into a caring family environment that encourages their ready transition into loving homes. Each one leaves us fully up to date on healthcare and vaccines.  If you’re ready to give one of our Moyen poodle pups a forever home, get in touch with us!

Contact us to come visit a puppy or to be put on the list to pick out a puppy.  To place a deposit for your own wonderful moyen poodle pup from us as quality moyen poodle breeders in Michigan go to our contact page!

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