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Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies for sale in Michigan

chcolate labradoodle puppies

Are you searching for  Labradoodle puppies for sale in Michigan? At Rozey K9 Farm, we are committed to providing well-tempered and healthy chocolate Labradoodle puppies to potential pet owners throughout Michigan. Based in western Michigan, our family farm is close to Grand Rapids, MI.  Our family farm hand-raises our puppies, ensuring optimal socialization and healthy Labradoodle puppies. Our chocolate Labradoodle puppies for sale are loyal, friendly and ready to become your new best friend. We offer shipping services through either the airlines or ground shipping out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, for your best convenience. Our mission is to find our puppies forever loving, caring homes, and give our customers all of the resources they need when starting out. Contact Rozey K9 Farm today for more information on our Labradoodle puppies for sale! 

The combination of  Labrador retriever genes and poodle genes creates one of the most adorable, gentle, friendly and intelligent dogs available today — the famous Labradoodle. This very popular crossbreed is a loving and devoted pet choice that is extremely trainable, very obedient and super gentle.


At Rozey K9 Farm, we specialize and are committed to offering Labradoodle puppies for sale in Michigan. We strive to connect dog-lovers and families with a healthy, well-rounded Labradoodle puppy that has been specifically bred to be a wonderful companion. You can’t go wrong with a Labradoodle from us.

Rozey K9 Farm Labradoodle Testimonials

Maple is doing great and is a real sweetheart. She doesn't shed at all and has an extremely nice, soft coat.  Her temperament is outstanding and she gets along great with our old lab and loves kids - she was truly a great pick and we couldn't be happier with her.  We're thinking she'll probably end up around 60# because she just weighed in at 52# at her last vet visit and she still has a lot of filling out to do.  




labradoodle puppies for sale
labradoodle puppies for sale in michigan

Hi Karri- just a little update on Jet. Since picking him up on Thursday, he has been the perfect puppy. He has only had one accident in the house, sleeps through the night, only waking once to go outside, he is crate training quickly, and has been on road trips to Spring Lake and as far as Up North (Cadillac)....and never been car sick. He is a little cuddle bug and is beginning to play a lot and becoming more independent. I absolutely love this little guy. 
Thanks for breeding such great pups! -Kelly S.

I just Love my new Labradoodle from Rozey K9 farm. Karri’s  great and is very friendly and informative. She really helped make the transition of my new puppy to my home a breeze. I was able to meet and visit with my puppy for the first time at 4 weeks old and it was love at first site. What a beautiful boy, with a brown curly coat that feels like silk. The li’l coco puff is so friendly and playful too. We were already bonding at this visit and it was pure bliss.  I anxiously waited while he grew old enough to bring him home, all the while in contact with Karri as she answered any questions I may have had and also gave me updates. The day finally came where I was to bring him home, Lance was now 9 weeks old and when we reunited he was so excited as if he recognized me and this just melted my heart. No problems at all on the 3+ hour drive home or there after as he just fit right in.


I named him * Sir Lancelot *  after King Arthur’s Noblest Knight of the Round Table, for he was my Knight in Shinning Amour, ( Shining fur, lol ) but I call him Lance for short. What a pure joy he is.  Lance also loves to snuggle which is my favorite. He met and visited with my children, grandchildren and their dogs and cat on several occasions, who all love him to pieces. He plays nice with them all. Such a friendly li’l guy. He is a big part of our family now and is adjusting so nicely.


Sir Lancelot is the best gift I have ever given myself! I look forward to our future together.


Thank you Rozey K9 Farm!


Most Sincerely,

Sandi C.

choclate labradoodle puppies


Phone:     616-892-1993

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Phone:     616-892-1993

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