From Tucker and Sally's litter 8/10/09

Hi Karri!!


Please forgive me because I have been meaning to contact you for a while and just haven't gotten to it!!!


I wanted to update you on Sophie. She is doing very well! She ended up getting a bladder infection so she's just starting to become fully house-trained. She has an accident here and there. If you have any suggestions with house training let me know!!


Her coat is very interesting. I have gotten many, many comments on her. Everyone just loves her!!!!!! They say they've never seen anything like her before. I even referred you to some of the people that asked.


She will be going in for her 3rd set of vaccinations soon. She's taking Heartguard and I started her on Frontline as well. We go hiking alot on the trails! She absolutely LOVES being outside! She's great and digging holes in my backyard too!! Ha Ha!


Here are some pictures for you!!


Thanks again Karri!


From Tucker and Sally's litter 8/10/09


Here's some pictures of Dewey!!  In these pics he is 14 weeks.  He changes everyday.  He weighs 35 lbs.  now.  He knows how to sit, down, wait, walk nice on a lead, and beg!  He's an eating machine, and a true  lover,  he charms everyone...and is often used as an example in his puppy classes!  He seems to have more of the poodle characteristics than lab.. but he's ALL O.K. with us.  More pics later.  Thanks again...


Yes he is a handsome fellow!   You couldn't find a prouder mamma of a more pleased client!!!! Anything I could do for you in the future, just let me know.  More news later.... Thanks again!
  Carolyn M.



From Tucker and Sally's litter 8/10/09


Here is a copy of Sadie's hospital bill for her spay (for the spay/neuter contract).  As you can see she nows has a microchip, and all her shots.  As you see she is being well cared for. 

Right now Sadie is recovering and its hard to keep her quiet and relaxed. 

As of the 13th of Jan. she weighed 40lbs.  and getting larger by the week.  Sadie has been to a puppy class, as you can see in the picture she graduated,  and in March starts the next class.  And thank your daughter for us--she still sits well for a treat!!  Everyone loves her color.  She is doing some shedding which I hope goes away when she reaches a year.  I will send a picture of her when she turns one!

Thank you,



From Tucker and Sally's litter 8/10/09

Karri, I truly believe that things happen for a reason ...  I just turned 44 and  have never been a pet person but feel in love with Maggie and my husband Mark has always been a pet person and has said he feel in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her!  She truly is a blessing.  I am happy to say that she is the joy of our life’s.  Her name as mentioned above is Maggie Kissee.  She is just so wonderful, has such a lovable personality and is absolutely beautiful.  She is very happy with us and well taken care of, spoiled I must say.  She truly is our baby!!! She also has a goldendoodle cousin who is just two weeks younger than her down the street.  My husband’s twin sister and her family got him two weeks after we came home with Maggie and they are really great playmates.  I could go on and on but that would seem like I’m bragging but you would be proud she is amazing!! 

Hope you enjoy the photo.  Also, forgot to mention to you she was just at the vet yesterday and is weighing in at 62 pounds!  She is a big girl.


Thank you,


Margaret M K.



Hi Karri.  I just wanted to give you an update on "Luke".  After going through several names in his first day home, we finally settled on the name "Grady".  He did just fine on the trip home and is adjusting fairly well to his new home and family.  I don't think we could have found another dog with a better temperament, and I think I shed more than he does.  The only problems we are having with him are normal puppy issues--peeing in the house and puppy biting,--which should work themselves out with time and training.

I took him to the vet on Monday.  He got his rabies shot and another clean bill of health.  The vet was concerned that he didn't have his Lepto vaccination, so we'll be taking care of that in a couple of weeks.  The vet also thought he had a good temperament and was well-behaved for his age.

Thank you for everything!

Kristi Bledsoe


From Lexie and Timmy's Litter 10/28/10

Hi Karri,
I thought you'd like to see a picture of Miss Phoebe since you've not seen her for a few weeks.  She is growing fast.  She is sooo smart and sits already, she comes when she is called and is doing great in her crate. She gives my mom's dog a run for her money but they enjoy each other.  She is a great pup!  I've recommended you to a few friends who are thinking about labs and doodles.  She has her second vet appointment on Friday but she has had no problems. She likes to go for rides in the car and loves going to the pet store where everyone tells her how cute she is :).




Hi Karri,

Attached is a copy of the bill from Phoebe's surgery to spay and microchip.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy her.  She is the perfect dog for me.  She is so smart and has a great personality, is a cuddler and did well in her first puppy class.  She is growing fast and gets along well with our other dog and our cat.  She loves going for walks and rides in the car and has even spent a few afternoons at work with me. We've almost conquered house training now that the weather has finally gotten nice.  She is a little thief.  She loves to steal socks and any sort of paper and even stole a bunch of bannanas.  I attached a picture.  Unfortunately she had to be shaved down because she got a little matted on her legs but we've been working on the brushing so she doesn't give me such a hard time anymore and I'm able to brush all her hair not the just the top layer.


I love checking your site and seeing all the new puppies grow. 


Thanks again for everything.
Carrie Strasz

From Lexie and Timmy's Litter 10/28/10

Hi Karri,

Congratulations on your new litter of Doodles.  I thought this would be a good time to let you know how great Lucy is doing.  She's growing quickly (26+ lbs at our last vet visit a few weeks ago) and learning almost as fast. She is crate trained and is almost there on house training.  Lucy likes to go for walks around the block and does well in her leash, even finding our house on the way home!  As you can see by the photo, she's proud of her diploma from Super Puppy class, where she learned her basic commands (although she has to be reminded of them from time to time).  She goes to doggy day care once a week where she plays with her friends and comes home exhausted.


Thank you for bringing such a great puppy into my life.  I know we'll be best buddies for years to come. 


Lynn Thomas


From Phantom and Timmy's litter 3/13/11

Just a quick update on Fintan...  He is doing VERY well, and is extremely smart (which means curious!!!) and pretty laid back.  The kids are doing well with him, and he has pretty much accepted his role in the "pack".  He is a puppy, so he does occasionally have his puppy moments and needs to be reminded who the alpha dogs are.  He has pretty much figured out the house traing at this point, but still has a puppy sized bladder so he has to go out pretty often.  The vet says he is a very healthy puppy, and the gals at the vet clinic just love him and can't believe how smart he is.  With a treat, I can already get him to sit and lay down on command.  We're still working on coming when called, but he is pretty good at that too.  He weighed 12.6 pounds last Saturday (two days after we got him) and this Saturday he was up to 15.6 pounds, so he is eating well.  He's not getting pudgy, just growing like a weed.  He goes right into his crate at night now (and even during the day if needed), and generally only needs to go out once between 10 PM and 6 AM (usually around 1 AM).  He cried a little the first two nights, but now the only sounds you hear are grunting when he shifts position or occasionally some noise when he is playing with his toys in there.  He has met most of the neighborhood dogs, and gets along great with all of them too.  We really couldn't ask for a nicer puppy than Fintan, and will gladly recommend you for anyone looking for labs, poodles or labradoodles.




Final update until he is neutered (Sept. 13th is his appointment).  I'll send a copy of the neuter paperwork as soon as I get it done.  Took him in today (16 weeks, 2 days) and he weighed 34 pounds.  Vet says his weight is good, as you can feel his last rib and he has a definite waist.  He is approximately 19" at the shoulder now.  He is absolutely reliable with the potty training, and even goes to the door and barks when he needs to go out (if we aren't paying close enough attention).  He is super smart, and is soooo easy to train with treats (he likes his food).  We have been working on recalls, and he comes very reliably when called if you have (or he thinks you have ) a treat.  Basic obedience begins in a couple of weeks, and I expect him to do great.  He is just a GREAT puppy with a GREAT personality.  You are definitely breeding for the correct temperament and got intelligent dogs.  Every person that meets him comments first on his personality, and then on his beautiful green/brown eyes.  I think he is starting to lose his puppy coat, so not sure exactly what his adult coat will look like.  He is getting an apricot stripe down his back and neck, and that hair is coarser (sort of like Timmy's hair).  His legs also seem to be getting more apricot.  Last thing, he was pretty much unfazed by the fireworks going on the last few days, and has shown no fear of thunderstorms either.  


Another Fintan update....  Took him in yesterday for his 3rd vaccinations, and he now weighs 25.6 pounds at 13 weeks.  Looks like he is on pace to be a 65-70 pound dog.  Vet said his neuter (planned for ~ 6 months of age September) should be routine as everyhting is in the right place.  He is sleeping straight through the night from 10 PM-7AM.  We were getting up around 3AM to let him out, but he wouldn't get out of the crate to go outside unless you carried him, and then he would just lay down in the yard!!!   He also does great when we put him in during the day if needed.  He seems to completely have the house training down now, and we haven't had an "accident" in the house for 2 weeks or more.  I think he may have had 6-7 the entire time we have had him.  He has a pretty laid back personality, and gets along great with everyone he meets (dogs and people).  I'll probably start him in puppy obedience classes in a few weeks.  Overall, still doing great and getting a LOT of attention from the whole family.   

From Phantom and Timmy's litter 3/13/11

Hi Karri,


Here are a couple of photos of Mia (Fiona) although they are about a month old now.  Just wanted to let you know she  has settled in exceptionally.  She is  a very sweet dog and has an incredible personality.  We feel very fortunate to have her.  She is so good with other animals (did her best to get my mothers labradoodle to play in the attached photo).


Thanks again!!



New Hampshire


From Phantom and Timmy's litter 3/13/11

Hi Karri,


Thought you might like to see how Mia looks, photo taken yesterday – just got back from being groomed.  She was 62 lbs at her yearly checkup.  Best dog ever!!   (and she doesn’t shed!). 

She is so awesome. I can’t imagine our lives without her now.  Unbelievable personality, and so good with our children.  Feel free to use the photo for anything.



Thanks again.




From Phantom and Timmy's litter 3/13/11

Maple is doing great and is a real sweetheart.  I attached a few pics of her from this summer before she got her first haircut.  With long hair we think she looks a little like a wooly mammoth or Snuffy from Sesame Street.  All trimmed up she looks a little more athletic.  I think we lucked out with her coat because she doesn't shed at all and has an extremely nice, soft coat.  Her temperment is outstanding and she gets along great with our old lab and loves kids - she was truly a great pick and we couldn't be happier with her.  We're thinking she'll probably end up around 60# because she just weighed in at 52# at her last vet visit and she still has a lot of filling out to do.  Anyway, let me know if you need anything more for the spaying notification and we'll make sure to send more pics.




From Phantom and Timmy's litter 2/26/12


 Looks like Berkley is doing great!  The vet said he is a very healthy boy!  Thanks again for everything.  I have attached a picture of our little guy and his new best friend!




Hello Karri,


Everything is going great with Berkley.  We didn't have any trouble house-training and he fits in very well with our family.  Now that he has all of his shots we are able to take him out and about and people love him.  He will be visiting the groomer for the first time tomorrow.  Berkely has been neutered.  Attached is a photo if you would like to use it for your testimonials.


From Phantom and Timmy's litter 3/13/11

  Hi Karri

Just wanted to send a couple of updated shots of Raisin. She is in her second week of training and doing great. She has taken well to the water and enjoys chases balls and pulling on Rita's ears!


She was 31 pounds 2 weeks ago and goes to the vet tomorrow for a booster shot and a weigh in -we are all placing bets


Hope all is well,

Patty Tollner

New Hampshire

Hi Kari

Here she is on the lake at 18 months old. Loves the kayak - actually loves to get paddled out and swim back! She is so strong it is amazing. Tips the scale at 93 lbs - loves kids, teases ducks and is just a sweetheart. The photos in the kayak show her clipped for the summer.


She has been doing weekly visits to a group home for adolescent girls - there is a mutal adoration going on over there. Such good stuff!


All the best,


Patty Tollner

Here she is! She also loves to help our daughter coach high school girls lacrosse she is a great fielder but isn't very good about giving the ball back....


Earned her cgc at 15 months. After having done this same training with another dog I do have to say she just took to it and sailed thru the process. Her next step is the therapy. Test and then she will work in nursing home and children library environments

Hi Karri-


She continues to be a joy-very smart and adores children. She is big on carrying things. She can walk off leash and actually enjoys that but she is reluctant to start the walk with out one of her stuffed animals or a bone. It is so funny and we get plenty of people stopping us to comment and meet her.



Raisin is about 96 pounds now and quite tall as you will see in the attached photos. She was very easy to train, earning her CGC in a very short time and will be certified in December as a Therapy Dog. She will work with small children in a reading program and also join a hospice team locally.


She is charming.

Patty Tollner

From Phantom and Timmy's litter 1/30/13


 We hit the 12 week mark and looks like he is sleeping through the night with no accidents in the crate! He's gone to the vet twice since we picked him up and he is looking great. He is not a fan of riding in the carrier in the car, or when we put him up in the crate. He's got a little anxiety and we are working on letting him know we are here and coming back. He is a sweetie, follows me everywhere, and loves being close to me when I am sitting in the living room. He is such a good looking dog and love his fluffy coat. My husband loves that he does not shed, and when he picks Murray up there is no hair on his clothes. He is also doing well with a couple commands such as "sit" and "go to box" (the crate), we are now working on him to lay down. Love him so much!


We got Murray to lay down on command tonight after having him sit. He got it in 30 min. We will work on it more tomorrow and start on stay. Both he and Sadie a super smart!





Sadie was flown out to my mom on Tuesday and we miss her so much! She is now in Sequim, WA with my mom and grandparents. She is such a sweet and smart dog! Before she left us she was able to sit, lay down, and go to the box (the crate) on command. She is very easy to train. She also looked great when she went to the Vet. Separating her and Murray Tuesday morning was so sad, as she for the first time ever whined in the carrier on the way to the airport. My mom told me Sadie did not have an accident at all on her flights, and looks to also be sleeping through the night. Sadie is super playful and loves to give kisses. We will see her again the beginning of June



 Thought I'd send another pic of Sadie to you. This was last week at the Vet while waiting to fill out her airline fly form. She is a good looking girl, and I wish you could see how she walks; she prances like a natural show dog :-)

From Gabby and Timmy's Litter 10/7/14

Hello!  We have named our little guy Chase!  He did great when we had lots of company on Christmas Day!  Everyone loves his personality, laid back attitude and endless cuddles!  We are so happy with him! Just thought you might want an update!

Alice and Timmy's Litter 3/17/14

Hi Karri- just a little update on Jet. Since picking him up on Thursday, he has been the perfect puppy. He has only had one accident in the house, sleeps through the night, only waking once to go outside, he is crate training quickly, and has been on road trips to Spring Lake and as far as Up North (Cadillac)....and never been car sick. He is a little cuddle bug and is beginning to play a lot and becoming more independent. I absolutely love this little guy. 
Thanks for breeding such great pups! -Kelly S.

Hi Karri-
I bought a puppy from your St Patricks day litter. Jet was neutered yesterday at ... I will send the paperwork via postal service in the next few days. By the way, Jet is doing great and is a beautiful pup. His eyes have stayed green and his coat is very light with a silver undertone. I get compliments on his "beauty" and composure often.     -Kelly S.

Mitzi and Timmy's Litter 3-4-15


Hello Kari,

I wanted to send you a picture of Batman (Tierney) on his first Birthday.


He is truly the best dog and a special member of our family.

Please feel free to use the picture of Batman, I might be biased, but he is an awesome looking dog. 


Thank you

Brian Sramek

June and Timmy's Litter 3/12/17

This is Angela Dykstra. We purchased Green girl cherry from your family in the spring.

 We have named her Tootsie Grace and she has been the most wonderful Addition to our family. She does so great with her crate and potty training as well as with our (hesitant) 9 year old beagle/dash hound mutt. They have been zero health concerns. We have Tootsie involved in puppy play times and currently starting puppy training level 2. Thank you so much!


Angela D.

June and Timmy's Litter 3/12/17

Check out pretty and patriotic Stella aka Apple from June and Timmy's spring litter!

June and Timmy's litter 

I just Love my new Labradoodle from Rozey K9 farm. Karri’s  great and is very friendly and informative. She really helped make the transition of my new puppy to my home a breeze. I was able to meet and visit with my puppy for the first time at 4 weeks old and it was love at first site. What a beautiful boy, with a brown curly coat that feels like silk. The li’l coco puff is so friendly and playful too. We were already bonding at this visit and it was pure bliss.  I anxiously waited while he grew old enough to bring him home, all the while in contact with Karri as she answered any questions I may have had and also gave me updates. The day finally came where I was to bring him home, Lance was now 9 weeks old and when we reunited he was so excited as if he recognized me and this just melted my heart. No problems at all on the 3+ hour drive home or there after as he just fit right in.


I named him * Sir Lancelot *  after King Arthur’s Noblest Knight of the Round Table, for he was my Knight in Shinning Amour, ( Shining fur, lol ) but I call him Lance for short. What a pure joy he is.  Lance loves to play and is a very rambunctious puppy. He just absolutely loves the snow! He would stay out for ever if I let him. What a smart little guy he is too. Potty training is going quite well but not yet completed. Lance has already learned a few tricks, including to sit, stay and lay at command and he comes when I ask him to go out side for pee pee or potty break. He comes when called by his name most of the time. Lance also loves to snuggle which is my favorite. Like a small child he walks up to me and wants to be held. I know this won’t last forever due to his increasing size but I’m sucking it up as long as I can. He met and visited with my children, grandchildren and their dogs and cat on several occasions, who all love him to pieces. He plays nice with them all. Such a friendly li’l guy. He is a big part of our family now and is adjusting so nicely.


His first vet check went well. His boosters were given without a single peep from him. Lance is growing so quickly! 14 Oz at birth and then his first vet check with me at 9 weeks he was 9Lbs. Today at 15 weeks he stands 15 inches and weighs 17 Lbs. I can’t wait to see him full grown!  Tall, cute and furry!  I am taking this amazing experience all in as I relish in the pure joy and happiness he has brought all of us. Sir Lancelot is the best gift I have ever given myself! I look forward to our future together.


Thank you Rozey K9 Farm!


Most Sincerely,

Sandi C.

June and Timmy's litter 10-5-17

Rocco is a very loving smart puppy. He loves car rides and kids. He's weighing 40 pound with a ton of energy!! Our family is very blessed for having him in our lives he is just like one of my sons. So just wanted to take a second out to say thank you!


Monique G.

MJ and Tod's litter 6/29/18


Just giving an update on Blueberry (we renamed him Nigel) the labradoodle! He has just graduated puppy school, and did very well! The instructor said that he has the potential to be a therapy dog due to his pleasant, smart, and calm attitude! He is a pro at sitting, lying down, giving the paw/and giving a high-five on- command. He is also great at walking on a leash and we have gotten so many compliments on his pleasant demeanor and beautiful curly coat wherever we go. We will continue to come to you for any future puppies, and we have been recommending you to everyone who is looking for a new puppy. Just wanted to give you an update! I attached a picture of Nigel and his graduating class at puppy school!

Thanks again, 


Ana and Logan D. 

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