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I got my standard poodle, Ginger, from Karri's family in January 2008. She took care to make sure I was comfortable with Ginger and answered all of my questions. She also wanted to be sure I would be a good pet owner and asked me responsible questions. Their operation is a family farm, with clean, large areas for the dogs. Ginger was indoors and being treated like a pet when I went to see her. In fact, I believe, had I not adopted Ginger, that she would have become a permanent pet there, as the kids had fallen in love with her. There are 5 kids, and other dogs to play with, so the puppies get a lot of socialization. Karri was happy to give me the opportunity to let me take Ginger to my vet to confirm her health status. What impressed me about the Rozey's is that they really love their dogs. The kids do 4-H, and work with the dogs. This is not just a business, this is a family who happens to also be in the dog breeding business. Now, I consider the Rozey's to be friends. When I go out of town Ginger goes back to visit her old family. This works out great for me because Ginger is somewhere fun, and I know she's in good hands with her birth family and people who love her, and they enjoy the fact that they still get to see Ginger. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rozey's K9 Farm. 

January 29 2009

Donna Batdorff, MI






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From Marquis and Candy's litter. (10/08)


hey Karri, I just wanted to take the time and applaud you for the amazing dog you gave me! 

... she has the most amazing temperament! and so brilliant!! 


I appreciate your time. 

and thanks again! we love her to bits!!



From Tucker and Candy's litter 5/09

Hello Karri,

Just wanted to let you know about our Prince. We named him DR'S Coco Prince. He has quite the personality.We are doing fare with our house breaking, We have been to the Vet 2 times just regular check up's the Vet liked him ....We take him a lot of places and rides and he likes to go. He leads like a dream. We go to the Groomer tomorrow and soon we will start our Puppy classes. He can sit on command and shake hands so there is nothing wrong with the brain for sure, I think he will be able to outsmart me with no problem. ...We LOVE him. We wanted to give you and update and hope we can keep up with his siblings so we can see how he is progressing or if any of the siblings have any problems

Thank You,

Rose, Don & Prince

Just wanted to give you an updated picture of our Prince. He thinks he is one too, We just took this one finally got him still long enough . He will be three months tomorrow, He can shake hands, sit, & down, he is real good about coming to us when called we are even walking him some off leash. He is a chow hound and that has made him easy to train. We are in obedience every Sunday. He still likes to dominate us but we do see a little better behavior in that area. He is definitely an Alpha, he is a delight and helps to take some of the pain away from the loss of our precious Max. Oh by the way he doesn't need anyone to play ball with, he does a fine job by himself.



New Picture of Prince just 6 day's away from his 6 month. We are still in obedience He is doing great. He is a hungry puppy so he works for food. He is very entertaining, quite the personality. I do enjoy seeing and hearing about the siblings and seeing them grow.

Rose,Don & Prince



From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/20/09

Hello Karri,


Good morning!


Alexi (Pink Collar) is doing GREAT, she is weighing in at 21 lbs as of her 8/30 Vet visit.  She is all that you said she would be and then some.  Alexi is a joy to have in the family, very loving and playful. 

She is doing well with housebreaking, an accident here and there but no concerns.  Alexi is also doing great on a leash as well crate training.


Once I get around to taking some photos, I will send them to you ...

Thank you SO very much!


Have a great day!

Howard, Timothy & Alexi

New Jersey



From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/20/09



The poodle bitch is terrific and doing extremely well. However, I am not sure our Comet dog has figured her out. They are becoming real pals but She will rule the house for sure. Hats off to you and Morgan for doing a great job on socializing her early - at least that's my impression - unless she is on autopilot. I was wondering if we could get Morgan to do a groom on her - My recollection is she trimmed her face and some trimming on her belly and rear. I would rather have her do it if she is interested than groomer or me, although our groomer is very good...

Just let me know -




Pete - Ellen


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[update at one year of age]

She is an incredible dog, perhaps the best temperament I have ever seen in a Std. She is brown. There are a few flecks of silver hairs I worried about for awhile but I think she will hold her color. She is my most favorite dog. She is tough but extremely gentle, has no fear of anything, sticks right to my side like a herding dog, loves the water and is just super cool. I think she could hunt and wondered if she was really a Lab. I would really like to consider breeding her to a working or hunting kennel of Stds. There is one in Wisc I was going to check out - retired WI game warden.


Her coat is very dense and extremely nice - like velvet and just cool. 

After years of showing (years ago), lifetime of great dogs and Vet Tech time her temperament is a 20 from 1-10. Add to that good confirmation she is probably my favorite dog or top two. 


Although I did not want another dog I am glad we got her.






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From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/20/09


She is just the sweetest dog!

She got Spay on Oct 12th and healed up right away. No problems at all.

She is so good. She sits, lays down, shakes, sits and stays, about 2 min. lays down and stays and she can do that for quite a while. Longest so far is 10 min.

She is walking nicely on a leash. We are currently going to obedience school so she should get even better.

I take her to see my mom at Heather Hills every day. My mom adores her and so do some of the other residents that have become her buddies.

She goes with me just about every where. Even my non-dog husband will take her out and play fetch with her.

I cannot remember life without this wonderful creature.

Attached are some pics I had taken around Oct 6th. There is one with out cat Sylvester, who at 13 is learning to live with the dog. He has no claws so all he can do is bat her on the nose and sometimes it is pretty funny. 





From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/20/09






Roman and Baron, his brother, owned by Bill's brother and sister-in law. 

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From Charlotte and Marquis' litter 1/12/10


Tucker just wanted to drop a line saying how WONDERFUL he is!!!  I couldn't have asked for a better companion.  He is soooooo smart & loving.  At 10 weeks old he is showing up all the older dogs in the basic class I took him too!!!  He knows sit, lay down, stay, shake & paw.  We're working on leave it, wait, off & kennel training (as well as potty training, but that's going really well).  Everyone that runs into him absolutely loves him and wonder's what kind of dog he is, when they hear he is a standard poodle they are all amazed.  I absolutely LOVE that he is not shy going into new places, he is curious & loves to learn.  We go on 2-3 walks daily and have 2-3 short training sessions a day.  One day he will make a great show obedience & therapy dog.  He loves his daily brush outs, especially in the morning when I'm getting ready!!!  LOL!!!! 


Thought I would send some pictures of tucker!  He is doing so great and is such a joy to live with.  I love him more and more as the days pass.


Thanks So Much

Sarah & Tucker


From Kenya and Tucker's litter 12/8/09

Good Morning Karri,


Just wanted to give you an update on Ziggy.  Ziggy is my best friend, he follows me and Dakota everywhere we go.  I mean right on our heels.  He is growing so fast.  He is almost 30 pounds already and I swear his legs grew three inches since we got him.  I took Ziggy to the groomer and they cut off all his puppy hair, he really looks like a standard poodle now.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  He is such a good boy and doing really good on potty training.  He goes right to our back door when he needs to go outside.


I had him neutered on 3/26/10 at the Rochester Hills Humane Society and he did really good.  Didn’t really even faze him.  A friend of mine kept him during the day for the week after his surgery so he would not have to stay in the crate while I was at work and Dakota was at school.  He loved that too because they have a huge back yard that he could run all over in.  I think he is getting used to the crate during the day.  Once he is fully housebroken and I know he will not chew, I don’t plan to crate him any longer.


I will send pictures soon. 

Thanks for a great puppy!  We love him so much.


Suzie G.


update: 1/2011

Good Morning Karri,


I have a few pics of Ziggy on his 1st birthday.  He is a great dog and I think he is still growing.  He looks just like his dad Tucker.  Could you e-mail me a picture of his mom and dad when you have time?  Ziggy’s hair is getting lighter as he grows, it is like he has brown hair with blonde hilites in it.  He is the coolest dog and he loves me and Dakota.  He can tell the sound of our cars coming down the street cause he knows when Dakota is coming home.  You would think he hasn’t seen Dakota in a year by the way he acts when he gets home.  Same with me.



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From Kenya and Tucker's litter 12/8/09

Karri- Maxwell is super. He is very handsome! Everyone tells me he is hansome where ever I take him. He has been thru obedience class but can use more training.
Here area pictures taken at 18 weeks.





From Charlotte and Marquis' litter 1/12/10 

Hello Karri,  

Just wanted to update you on Harley (his new name).  We finally got our Vet appt yesterday.  He got a full 5 out of 5 from the Vet.   

He is adjusting well to our other two dogs and they have great fun playing.  He is doing great potty training.  Our new schedule is working out great.   

He is so beautiful, his colors are already changing and showing more.!!  What a sweet and fun loving guy and what a spaz, he is a blast. 

Hope all is well on your end.

Just wanted to keep up with the updates and say thanks one more time.

Have a blessed day, 

jenn, mark, captain, magnum, and harley!!!!!!!


Hello Karri, Dave, and kids,


Was thinking of you and your wonderful family today and wanted to say Hello!

We love our little Man Harley. He is so wonderful

Thanks for adding a little extra joy in our lives with him!!


Love Mark and Jenn 

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From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/6/10

Hello there! I just wanted to give you an update on Roxie. She is doing better than we could ever have hoped. She has taken to our household seamlessly and has made friends with her big sister (the 12 yo jack Russell) and the cat. She has also met her older cousins (2 black standards) and loves them as well. Potty training is going well and she visited the veterinarian yesterday. She was given an A+, of course. Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love and we've had several friends ask about the breeder, so you may be getting more business from central Illinois. Thank you very much for holding on to her for us, she is a perfect fit in our family. We will remain in touch, for when Roxie's big sister is no longer around, we will be looking for a little sister for her!


[updated 8/10]

Hi Karri,

 I will try a different way of attaching the pictures this time, hopefully you can use them.  I attached one of Roxie and Nellie (5 yrs old).  Nellie started kindergarten this week and Roxie really missed her while she was gone.  We didn't pose the picture, Roxie is just always at Nellie's side.  We are really enjoying her and still can't believe what an incredible addition to our family she has been.  We have also been working on Invisible Fence training for about 3 weeks.  It's going very well and the trainer can not believe how quickly she picks up on things, she's very intelligent.  Roxie is growing fast and goes for her 2nd haircut next week.  Our daughters are anxious to see what color the groomer paints her nails this time!

The Weller's Scott, Annie, Nellie, Olivia, Holly, Callie and Roxie!


From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/6/10

Hi Karri,


Sorry it has taken me so long to update you on Marlo; I forgot how much work puppies are, I don't have much time for myself.  I thought while she is at the groomer for a puppy cut I would take the opportunity to fill you in on her progress.


She is a sweet, loving puppy full of energy.  She is a fast learner she sits, lays down, has learned to leave it (we put a treat on the floor and she doesn't touch until we tell her to), doing great on a leash.  I could go on and on.  Loves people and other dogs.  She has has gotten so big, we estimate that she is about twenty pounds.  She gained two and a half pounds in a week.  She goes to the vet this week, so we will see if our estimate of twenty pounds is on target.  We have been having temperatures in the 100's which she isn't to thrilled about.  One day it reach 117.  So we're in and out quickly.


Evidently people around here haven't seen a chocolate poodle, they are very taken at how beautiful she is.  The vet we use are poodle people and one of the technicians has been looking for a chocolate.  Of course if she decides to purchase one I will give her your email. 


You breed great poodles.





From Kenya and Tucker's litter 12/8/09

Hi Karri ...

Well it's been a while and Simon is doing just great!  8 months old and 57 lbs...  I have a pony evolving right before my eyes!    He was just neutered and had a gastropexie and he's doing perfect.  Thought I'd send you a few photos.    FYI his billirubin tests on the high side however his liver functions perfectly. 


Hope you're well,

Cheryl Golden



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From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/6/10

Hi Karri,


I just wanted to drop you a note regarding our puppy Woody, nee Baby Ruth.  I have never had a puppy so perfect!  He has everything:  a wonderful temperament, intelligence and gorgeous features.  Everyone just marvels at his loving eyes.  He's perfect on the leash, in fact he'll grab the leash in his mouth and take me for a walk.  It's very cute.  He loves other dogs and people of all ages.  He is just a pleasure in every way.


At our last check-up our vet recommended that we wait until he's at least 8 months old to have him neutered.


Keep up the good work!  Your breeding program is fabulous.



Kathy Sherman


From Charlotte and Tucker's litter 8/9/10

Hi Karri!


I have been waiting to write all week but I have been busy with my baby!  She is AWESOME!!!!!!   She slept on my lap to Kalamazoo last week, then I carried her in to the petstore to fit her for a collar. The manager there feel in love with her! She then slept the rest of the way home. She acted like she has always been here. Our Winchester loves her! Finally someone who will play with him and not the tiny poodles! She gets along great with them all. My look alike is not very hapy with her. When Jolie tries to play with her, Cami sits close to her and pets her on the nose! I have got to get a picture!!!!  The first night I was hoping she would be ok in her crate, I put her next to Sofie. But she did not like it one bit! She cried and cried. I took her out at 1:30, then put her back. Then she cried and cried somemore. My husband got up at 4:30 grumbling how he isn't getting any sleep, so I took her out again and then we laid on the couch and slept till 6:00. Then everyone was up, Jim takes them out before he leaves for work. Well then I took her to bed. She was great as long as I held her. So the second night I figured I would make it easier on all of us and took her to bed! She slept all night! Wed. My husband put her back in her crate and she cried a little and slept till 5 when Gracie decided to bark at the newspaper lady. Now Jolie goes in her crate all by herself. She loves to lay in my lap, and I know it won't last forever that she will fit, but I figure at least part of her will always fit. We went out to eat today and was gone about 6 hours, she did not make a mess at all in her crate. She loves to run in the yard, I walk her all around. We went by my pond and she looked at the fish and before I could get her started in the water. I caught her with only her front feet wet. Tonight I let her run with Winchester and she headed there again! I m going to put a gate around it. Hopefully she will learn not to go in! She is so laid back and I hope she stays that way! She goes to the vets Tuesday and if he ok's it I am going to start her in a puppy obedience class. I found a clicker class that just started, but am going to wait till the next one in Feb.


I just want to tell you, you have rasied a fantastic pup! I thank the Good Lord, I found you. Things always happen for a reason!


Thank you again she is wonderful.



Hi Karri,

Jolie knew her name when she came here made it so easy.  She is really growing! When she went to the vets she weighed in at 14.5 pounds and She starts puppy training Monday. Then I am going to Arizona to see my sister and niece for 10 days. On sept. 27 my great nephew died, he wad only 19. I am going to miss Jolie but need to go. I hope she will be good for my husband! He has been gone for almost 2 weeks hunting in Colorado. He will be so surprised how much she has grown. I can not believe how sweet and good she is. Super smart! I was carrying her out, but she is big so I have been putting her on a leash. She never bothered with it, acted like she always had one! And she has learned to sit for me to put it on and take it off. I am also working with her to sit and wait till I tell her to come out. She is learning. 

Well I could obviously talk about her forever, she is great! I will send more pictures soon.



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From Phantom & Nova's Litter 4/19/10


Here are some pictures of Zayda at 6 months before and after her haircut.  She is still very dark chocolate after she gets a haircut.  She has been a really good dog.


She is very friendly and loves to lick and chew everyone she meets.  My friend is a dog trainer and about every other week she takes Zayda to use as a demo dog and she does better than the dogs in the class, and trust me I don't have time to train at home, she's just so smart that she remembers and catches on very quickly.    


Judy Guthrie


From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/6/10

Hi Karri,


We want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and give you an update on Snickers.  First of all, thank you so much for allowing us to be Snickers parents....we just adore him and he has been such an amazing addition to our family.  He is such a smart, sensitive, and funny little boy.  He is such a goof and has so much fun running around our yard and house chasing the cat (who we think actually loves the attention from Snickers).  Snickers got his first haircut this week and since he looks so cute, we wanted to send you a picture.  Up until this point we let his hair grow long and we called him our little 'rasta-farian' puppy because his hair looked like dreadlocks.  Everybody that sees him comments on what beautiful and expressive eyes he has.



Hope you are well and we look forward to seeing more pics of your poodle litters on the website!



Natalie and Conrad Riggs


From Candy and Gibson's litter 3/28/11


This puppy has more energy than any other I have ever had and I love him so much.  Attached is the recent picture and he is 45 pounds and stands five feet. huge already :)  please use the photo and say how thrilled I am.


From Lexie and Gibson's litter 6/1/11

Dear Karri,

 This weekend at puppy class my instructor commented on how cute Olive was, and asked if we had sent you any pictures.  We admitted we hadn't,  so I thought I would correct that.  We love Olive so much and want to thank you for helping to create such a wonderful being.  Here are a few pics for your enjoyment.


Maggie & Lee


updated 4/26/12

Hi Karri,

Thought you would like a new picture of Olive with her full tail in full view.

She is such a wonderful girl and we adore her.



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From Candy and Gibson's litter 3/28/11


Dear Karri,


    I'd  like to touch base  with you on a puppy we purchaced 5-3-11 (Candy's litter yellow collar). He has been an awesome addition to our family and he is doing wonderful.We named him Gibson after his dad. I came across the spay and neuter contract and reviewed it again. I relize we are over the 6-8 month time frame to have this done as we agreed. I apoligize and want to let you know we intend to have Gibson neutered this month. I will send you the documentation afterward.


    Thank You,

        Heather Brown


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Charlotte and Gibson litter 10/29/11

Hi Karri,

Hope all is well. Sasha is doing great I just love her, here is a updated picture of her. 

You and your family are awesome to send out such loving babies like my Sasha anything you need me to send like more pictures just let me know, and I will always keep you up to date with how she is doing.

Thanks and God Bless



Cookie and Gibson litter 10/31/11

Hi Karri,


Wanted to let you know how delighted I am with "Chestnut", who I am calling Pascal.  He cried about 5 minutes when I left your house and didn't make a peep the rest of the drive.  He is crazy about the snow and as you can see from the pictures, even a week after the big storm I still have piles of it on my decks.   

He is so gentle and curious and so smart.  Took him 2 days to ring the bell to go outside and no accidents.  You see he has ME well trained!  Runs to me when I call him and knows "sit" and "down".  

 Went to Petsmart to sign up for puppy classes and he had no fear of the people and animals there.  Everyone was charmed.  

 I will be contacting you next month to remind you of leaving him with you the last week of May.


You and your family sure did a great job of getting this little guy ready for him new home.


Best regards,


Christine Wurst


ps...  everyone likes the photo that you took of me and Pascal.  Perhaps another business opportunity,  Portraits of owners and pups!!!!!

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Candy and Gibson Litter 2/1/12

Hi Karri-


I hope that you are doing well.  Callahan (Thomas) is settling in with his big brother Quigley, and they are both learning to share.  I think his favorite thing to do is to pounce on Quigley!!!  Friday he went to the groomer for a little trim and they said he did really well. 


If you want to use the pics on your website- that is fine.


Take care,

Dawn & Rob


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From Candy and Tucker's litter 5/6/10

Hi Karri,


Roxanne is still doing great here in Illinois.  I'm attaching a picture of her enjoying a fire this winter.  I also wanted to let you know that Julie, who has put a deposit down on Martha Washington, is my cousin.  I don't know if she told you that in her communication, but they have gotten to know Roxanne and are very impressed.  I love that both of them are from one of Candy's litters.  I'm sure they will be great pals :)  You are doing a wonderful job with your dogs up there in Michigan!


Annie Weller

Sherman, IL


Charlotte and Gibson litter 10/29/11

Hi Karri,

We wanted you to know we're having a great time with Louie.  (Remember, he was born 10/29.  We adopted him between Christmas and New Years.)

Louie is very smart, a little bit stubborn, and loves to play especially with the kids.  He's definitely an all boy puppy.  Louie's favorite games are tug of war and fetch.  We live on a lake and he loves the water often wandering into the lake in spite of the cold.

Louie was completely housebroken within 3-4 weeks after he arrived in our home - a very good thing...

Thank you for allowing us to adopt Louie.  He's going to be a great friend to my family for a long time.

The Engels - Holland, Mi

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Updated 12/10/12

Hi Karri,
We adopted Louie one year ago next week.  He has become a wonderful part of our family.
I've attached a photo taken yesterday with our kids.
We hope you and your family are well.
Happy Holidays!

Dann Engels

Lady and Gibson litter 4/13/12

Just wanted to send you an email regarding our boy Walker.  You knew him as Sleepy, the pup of Gibson and Lady born on 4/13/12.  He is a great dog and it seems like he'll never stop growing.  He is smart and energetic (no longer Sleepy).  He has become a great addition to our family.

Hope you are all well.  Thanks for your great work with these dogs.


Lady and Tucker's litter 10/23/10

Hi Karri,


I cannot believe it has been almost two years since Ms Chanel came to me!  You would not believe how beautiful she is! And big! Oh my, she looks just like her daddy! LOL  I LOVE IT!  I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with her, still, and thank you for breeding such quality pups!

She has the most gentle nature of any dog I have ever known.  My grandchildren are 8 & 6 now, and the way she loves and nurtures them, you would think she thinks they are her own.  So very sweet to watch her with them!  There is not one thing I would change about this girl, except to clone her!

Denise Pound

Candy and Gibson's litter 12/25/12


Hi, Karri!  Just wanted to let you know how River is doing.  She is now, at 10 weeks, a whopping 11.24 pounds, though I believe her growth spurt is beginning to taper off, since she has shown little interest in food these last two days.  For a while, she ate everything we put in front of her and wanted more!  She is still all sinew, hair, and bone...she has gotten so tall!


We shaved her face for the first time yesterday.  That was an experience, though not as bad as it could have been.  Barry helped me, and he is very good at restraining.  She is all personality...strong willed, stubborn, physically active and daring, and yet so loving and sweet.  We are having a great time getting to know her after so long with an older dog who had a very different personality.  She vocalizes constantly...groans to herself in her sleep, grumbles when she plays with her toys, barks at me when I laugh at her, and yodels when she yawns.  She is becoming more and more confident as we are out and about...we walk daily.   She is more confident with new people, but has become quite shy of other dogs.  I think that is because so many big dogs bark at her as we walk through our neighborhood, and she has come to believe all other dogs want to hurt her.  We begin puppy classes this Wednesday, though, so she will have some fun playmates and will maybe regain some confidence.  She is super, super smart!  Already, using food rewards, she can sit, down, and stand.  She has figured out her busy-buddy food activity toy, and is almost house trained.  She is sleeping through the night most nights.


Thanks for a great dog!  We will keep you updated, and hope to have some pics at puppy class!

Julie Foster


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Candy and Gibson's litter 12/25/12

Just wanted you to see how he is doing. Growing like crazy..and. We love him like crazy.  We get a lot of compliments about him. When his hair is longer he looks a little darker. 

He is very bright, also. Jerry has begun training him for duck hunting. He loves to be loved and will give us a kiss if we say "Cayman, where's my kisses?" I would say he recognizes about 10 words on a regular basis.



Cookies and Gibson's litter 10/31/11

Today is Anita's 2nd birthday! (Originally named 'Holly' from Cookie and Gibsons litter born 10/31/11). My family and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing best friend you have provided us! She has been a wonderful addition to our home. She can be silly and playful when my daughter needs to run around. She is serious and protective when strangers come to the door. She is a beautiful friend, inside and out. She is the most loving dog we have ever had. 2 years of a wonderful pet, and we are looking forward to many many more!! Thanks again!!

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Alice and Doc's Litter 8/13/13


Thought you would like the pups getting older and more and more beautiful everyday....We LOVE them very much 

Thank you 

PS...I just gave your name to the groomer at our vet...she is looking for a poodle this Spring :)  good luck! 

Alice and Doc's Litter 8/13/13

He is incredible ! Cuddly beyond belief ...Thanks for my little / big buddy .. Julia 

Hope you got my photo's i just sent . He is a tank ! He can jump through the Hula hoop ( big hoop ) lol ! He can catch treats in mid air - he at first appearance seems aloof but he is much smarter than that . I think it is his way to get out of trouble ( lol )..he whines when getting groomed like it is the end of the world .. When he lays on you he has no idea he is 60lbs but thinks he's 6lbs. I love him. I had to lock up his food cause he can get to it even if it is on the ceiling .
.. Thank you for my honey . 

Vivian and Gibson's Litter 10/12/14

Hi Karri,
Reese is settling in and becoming an important member of the family! She had a great check up at the vet this past week and our vet was very complimentary of Reese's look, care, and demeanor!
Here is a picture or two of her hanging with us.....

Lexi and Gibson Litter on 3/24/14

I have attached a note from Laura Whitehead, DVM.  All is well.  He is a very playful and loving pup.  If you want, I will send you some pictures.  He plays with our other dog and cats with no problem.
You have a great job
On 8/16/14--He is 65lbs. And doing well.

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Candy and Gibson's Litter  11/5/14

Hi Karry,

Just a Kenny Rogers update! We love our boy to death! Such a sweet, nice boy...the perfect addition to our family;0)

Mary McShan

Gabby and Gibson's Litter 3/19/14

Hi Karri!
I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our new puppy!! We named him Charlie & he's a very sweet boy! He has had very few accidents in the house & has slept through the night since day one! He walks with a leash very well already!!  My husband and I now have 4 kids, 3 human & 1 canine!! Lol!
Thanks again, 

Candy and Gibson's Litter  11/5/14

I just want to thank you for selling that adorable puppy to us.  We are having such fun with him.  He has learned lots already.  And he is such a loving little guy.  He likes to be right beside either Keith or me and have us pet him.  Of course, he has gotten into a little mischief, but that's normal.  He took a recipe I had torn out of a magazine off the kitchen cupboard today and had a wonderful time tearing it into tiny pieces.  It took him about three seconds.  We are working on not putting our big furry paws on the cupboard but he is smart and does it when I'm not looking.  I had trouble sounding serious when I told him no because our old dog Polly did the exact same thing once but ripped up about three pages so it was a big jigsaw puzzle to put the recipes together again.  I wanted to laugh because this was like a repeat of a time long ago.
We do love Mr. Peabody.  He goes to see the vet again tomorrow for another one of his shots.  I never let my pets have more than once at a time because I'm afraid of a reaction.
If anyone ever wants a recommendation or reference for you and your puppies, we would be glad to provide one.  Our puppy is fantastic.


rozey k9 farm review

Hi, Karri!
Our Mr. Peabody is doing just fine.  Rachel neutered him yesterday.  I've attached the certificate that the clinic sent me.  
Thanks again for letting us give Mr. Peabody a home.  He is a really good dog other than still having puppy brains which is normal.  He knows how to sit and shake hands when I ask him to do it.  However, he has also learned that if he sits down in front of me, holds up his right front paw, and woofs, I will give him a treat, so I guess I have been trained, too.  He is doing pretty good on the house-training but sometimes gets busy and forgets to ask.  We have a bell hanging on the doorknob and we also woof when we ask him if he needs to go outside.  He will get it pretty soon.  We are working with him to learn to walk on a loose lead.  And he comes right away whenever we call him.
I watched the two videos you have on your website the other day.  When I watched the one with just two puppies, he sat right down and stared at my iPad when he heard your voice, so he definitely still remembers you.  And you should have heard him barking when I watched the video with several puppies who were barking!  He also was the official greeter when we took him to the clinic yesterday morning because he barked at everyone who was there and wagged his tail.
As for Mr. Peabody, I don't know how you could ever part with him, but I am glad you did.  He is so sweet.  When I called to check on him just before the clinic closed yesterday, the vet tech first said he was adorable and all the other techs thought so, too.  He loves to lay in my lap still even though his head and front legs are about the only things that still fit.  By the way he weighs between 41 and 43 pounds now.  It's hard to tell because he was busying woofing when he got weighed.


rozey k9 farm reviews

Alice and Gibson Litter--10/25/14

Hi Karri:  Just an update on “Sweet Pea” (Now Teddy).   He is a super sweet boy, love of my life.  He enjoys swimming every day in my pool, which makes it a challenge to keep him clean, but here he is today after the grooming appointment.  Now 10 months old.  Everyone freaks out when they see him.  His coat is so soft like chenille, you just want to snuggle up with him.  

He enjoys my other 3 dogs, and we go to the dog park regularly.  He has a bestie there who is a Great Dane named Monty.   He is very attentive and affectionate and expressive.  
He also is very curious and gets bored easily.  Earlier this year he basically dismantled most of my drip irrigation system in the back yard.  I had to have it replaced and the ver next day he was at work taking it out again.  He removed all the weather stripping on my kitchen folding door to the back yard, has chewed 7 dog beds.  Despite all the trouble, he is still worth every penny.   And I’m so happy to have him.  
He is set for neutering next week.  He has had a sudden hormonal surge this past week and wants to hump everyone voraciously.  Ha ha.  Hopefully the neutering will calm that down. 
Thanks again.  

Best regards, 
Kim Treffinger


Cookie and Gibson litter

I just want to show you what a beautiful poodle Chanel is!!! She'll be 2yrs on 3-10-16. I can't tell you how much I love this little girl!!! Thank you so much for breeding beautiful standard poodles

rozey k9 farm review
rozey k9 farm reviews

Vivian and Atticus Litter 2/22/16

Hey Karri,


I just thought I'd send you an update on Achilles' progress. He and my mom's poodle, Philly, are getting along great. He's really gotten comfortable here. We've got the poodle paddock set up on the deck so they can spend much of the day outside. He sleeps in my room at night and gets lots of attention during the day.


I'm not sure what you did potty training-wise but he seems to be halfway trained already.


So everything is going great! Thanks for everything.



Cookie and Gibson's Litter 5-11-12

Satara (aka Birdo) is turning three tomorrow and I just wanted to provide you with an update and a few photos of her.  She is the sweetest, most affectionate girl. She loves attention and often demands it with an under the breath "ruff". She hops on our bed every morning for her snuggle time. She is very intelligent and loves all people and her dogs friends.  She is a wonderful addition to our family.


Thank you,


Angel and Ken

Siobhan and Atticus' Litter 7/23/16


 Just a note to let you know how our Charlie is doing. We feel very

 lucky to have him join our family. He has made an excellent transition

 to living with us, has a great personality and does well living in the

 house. He still is not much of a car rider. Does not like to get in

 the car and drools when traveling. We go for a ride every day though

 so hopefully he will get better as time goes on. He is getting better

 at walking every day. Listens well and is very playful. Full of puppy

 energy. As i write this he is playing with his favorite toy.a tennis

 ball. Loves to throw it and then

pounce on it. He is so much fun and

we are so happy to have him with us.

 It was so nice to meet you and Sara.

Hope this finds you all well at

 the Rozey K9 Farm. Thanks so much

for our wonderful Charlie.

 John and Cari V.

rozey k9 farm review

Colette and Ford's Litter 2/23/17

Hi Karri,


We just wanted to let you know how wonderful our puppy has been so far.  She has slept through the night both nights since we got her, hasn't had a single accident, and is quiet, sweet, content, etc.  My husband has fallen in love and he was the last one to agree to get a dog!


She is eating well, playing, rides great in the car, and got a clean bill of health from the vet yesterday.  She is also calm around our cats, who are warming up to her already!


Thanks for all your communication and help in getting families prepared to take your puppies home, plus of course all your handling and socialization of the puppies.  I'm sure all those efforts are at least as important as good breeding is, in providing a wonderful pet. 


We are keeping our fingers crossed that all this continues!  I'm sure there will be trying times but it has been an easy transition so far. 


Best wishes and thanks again,

The Styles family

Candy and Gibson and Lexie and Gibson


Hello Karri,


Just wanted you to know how loved Bristol and Fiji are. I spent the winter in Palm beach Shores,Singer Island Florida.Had to walk the Girls three times a day. It basically took my day, because I could not walk 50 feet without being stopped and asked about them and told how beautiful and well behaved they are Bristol the older one is from Gibson and Lexie. Fiji is from Gibson and candy

We just returned from Florida and Drive because we don’t put them on a plane. They are really good travelers.





Colette and Ford's Litter 2/23/17

This is Hersey

Lady and Gibson's Litter 6/3/13

Porter...You called him..Mark Twain...Gibson and Lady had a beautiful litter. Born June 3 2013. He is a wonder animal and I highly recommend you. Thanks

Colette and Gibson's Litter 2/23/17

Here are the newest pictures of Hershey...I want to commend u on producing such great puppies...Hershey has the best temperament and I'm going to try and make him a S.T.A.R puppy then on to canine good citizen...u really did a great job in breeding him and for that...I thank you!!!! Thank u very much...besides getting into everything he's such a GREAT dog!!!!

Vivian and Gibson litter 3-16-17

Hi Karri!

We are so happy with Jack -- he is a total goofball, extremely playful, and has lots and lots of energy, which means that the humans in our house get lots of walks!  We get compliments all the time on how handsome he is, and our groomer says that he is one of the best looking standard poodles she's ever seen.  He's also a talkative fellow -- he's very verbal and he communicates often with the funniest sounding growls, half-howls, and other noises, usually followed by a slight stamping of his foot if he thinks we're not taking him seriously enough.  He makes us laugh all the time, and we just adore him. 

We are definitely planning to get another male standard poodle pup next spring in 2019, and we will be keeping an eye on your website for news of upcoming litters for next March/April. 

I've attached some photos of him as he's been growing up, and will be happy to update you with any news.

thanks again Karri -- we are looking forward to getting Jack a little brother next year, and we would love to get our puppy from you!

Erica and Mark P.

Hi Karri,

Thought I’d send a picture of Jack from this morning that I think perfectly captures the Standard Poodle tendency for constant stretching!! We call it “Jack doing his daily doga” (doggie yoga).  😊

He has such a beautiful, curly, thick coat.  (he’s getting a trim this weekend to control his “pouf”).

Please feel free to use any emails and photos that we send you for your website!

Take care,


Bruno 1.jpg

Liberty and Ford's litter 6/27/18

Hi Karri!


I just wanted to give you an update on the puppy we purchased from you back in September. We decided to name him Bruno, and he is a VERY good boy. He is very smart and sometimes naughty, but in the best way possible! We took him to get groomed for the first time today, and now he has a really goofy looking mohawk. I don’t think we will get a mohawk again haha.

He is up to date on all of his vaccinations, and is scheduled to get neutered the first week of February! We love him so much and I just wanted to shoot you this quick email to update you with how handsome he is.


Happy Holidays!

Francesca J. 

Bruno 3.jpg
Bruno 2.jpg

June and Atticus litter 6/2020

Hi Karri,


I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my Mila is.  She is the absolute joy of my life.  She isn't a cuddler but she is the most loving baby you could ask for.  She loves the grandkids and all people in general.  The groomer said she is the best poodle that she has.  The vets office staff took turns all day getting to spend time with her the day she was spade.  Their words were that she was the sweetest puppy ever.


Buying a puppy from you one was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Mila is a beautiful little girl.  She is mischievous and stubborn, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Thank you again,



20201029_092608 (002)_edited.jpg

June and Atticus litter 6/2020


Hi Karri!


Quick update on Freyr now that he’s a year old. He is so amazing and is very closely bonded with me and our special needs 3 year old son.


Thank you so much for our beautiful boy!  

Just a quick note to say how perfect Freyr is! He’s crate training like a champ. Has been sleeping all night since his third night and loves being by the pool with the kids. He hasn’t ventured too close yet. But in time I’m sure he will take a dip.

He did great at the vet and enjoyed all of the attention. 

Thank you for him. He’s amazing!


Hi Karri


Ricky (Crimson) is doing great!  He and Emmy (one of your choc labradoodles) are best friends.  We moved to a house with over an acre in Valparaiso, IN and they run and play all day long.


Thank you for our beautiful dogs

image0 (004)_edited_edited.jpg

Siobhan and Kevin Litter 2021--Moyen Poodles

I thought I’d send you this awesome picture of Tweed and Buttons looking over the backseat at me. Tweed is five months on Thursday and he weighs 23 pounds. He’s doing great.  

Many people comment on how mature he is. And, now, that he is just passed Buttons in weight, people assume he is the older dog. He taught himself how to ring a bell to go out. My old dog, Percy, took 3-4 months of direct training before he understood that ringing the bell was the signal to tell me he needed to go out to relieve himself. Buttons knew what it meant, but never used the bell after we lost Percy in the spring.  


Tweed showed curiosity about the bell. And, when he rings it, I take him out, and he always goes to the bathroom!  Remarkable!

update:  Ah, Tweed will be one year old on Saturday.  He’s now 38.5 pounds and a very handsome fellow.


2021 Litter

Here is a picture of our puppy, we named him Max, at 4 months.  He loves to play with his ball.

Thanks again, he is a joy.


Ken C

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